Hello, I'm Viridzen, or Shikku27316 (I so despise numbers in names, but I didn't when I chose the name, so.) I have lots of good ideas, and some bad ones, for this project. I'm working on a reconstruction of Vandalic, a Gothic dialect that was spoken by the Vandals. It's undergone lots of changes, but I'm hoping to keep it stagnant now! I also want to help with culture: I've decided that we should have holidays, symbols, practices, and even superstitions in the revived Gothic culture. I don't want to base too much of this on Gothic horror and Gothic architecture, since those actually aren't Gothicin this sense, but actually, in the case of the architecture, Frankish-and, the Franks and Goths didn't necessarily get along! So, I'm interested in laying the groundwork for a new, revived Gothic culture, and a language to go with it. It's going to be based off of attested historical customs, such as the wagon-pulling in Springtime (in a secularised form, of course, as I'm Catholic and idol-worship is far off my radar of things I'm willing to do for the sake of reΓ«nacting an old culture...or at all, for that matter). I think a Gothic church service would be amazing, and a Gothic church could even be built and have services in Gothic, using the Mozarabic Rite, a Catholic tradition grown out of the Visigothic church traditions. I'm interested in writing (one day, I want to publish folktales and poems written by me in Gothic), and languages, and history, among many other things. So, that's basically all there is to me.

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