August, 19th, 2016: Many changes have been made. The built-in Skeirs font by Robert Pfeffer now only displays the Gothic Unicode, so that Roman text is displayed without the font. Thanks to Robert for adjusting the font to do this. Second, the User Interface translation for Gothic is opened up again, which we are currently fixing. There was an issue with the number of translation of Media wiki which is why it was locked. Third, we are working on a new dictionary. We're also correcting some of the Gothic on main pages.

March, 25th, 2016: All articles corrected with the exception of one. All front page articles are protected and 3 articles are added to the front page articles.

October 23th, 2015: Our Wikipedia got a huge clean-up: articles with mistakes gocorrected and bad or unnecessary articles were removed.

May 20th, 2015: As of today, an article rotation system at the fronimplemented. The best articles are randomly shown at the front page. If you have a good article, you can submit it to the page gallery to be displayed on the front page.

May 27th, 2015: More articles have been added to the featured article system, and wisses has been updat

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